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Two batches of pics this time – first set of pics were taken over the weekend, approximately 6 weeks following my 16th treatment. As you can see, I’m seeing little to no progress at this stage.

Second set of pics were taken this morning. Yesterday I had my 17th treatment at Blink. Joanie zapped me three times in a row, 20 minutes apart. Apparently they had more maintenance done to the laser. She is very surprised that I’m not reacting to the treatments. She said it is very unusual.

6 weeks following 16th treatment…. by the way, the ugly “lines” on my skin are from my socks:

Day after 17th treatment (three laser sessions within an hour). The redness usually only lasts 2-3 days. Fortunately, I have been healing nicely after every laser session. My skin is completely smooth over the tattoos. No scarring whatsoever:


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