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Photos taken 6 weeks following my 13th laser treatment. I’m noticing no difference. The folks at Blink are also a little baffled. They guestimated that I’d be further along by now, based on my fair skin type and age of tattoos. The doctor did mention that ankles take the longest, because apparently it takes the body longer to traffic the debris away from this area. They’re planning to try another laser they haven’t used on me yet that targets different wavelengths the next time I come in. Treatment #14 was last Tuesday and it still hurt like a mofo. According to the doc, this is good news. Still lots of ink there (obviously). Strangely enough, the topical lidocaine has completely stopped working on my ankles. I’ve noticed this the past few times I’ve gone in. The nurse, Joanie, asked me not to use it next time (since it’s not numbing me anyway) to see if the treatment is more effective.

Sigh… I have a feeling I’ll need around 20 treatments to get these tattoos where I want them. Not exactly what I was expecting…

Photos are not retouched.

13th laser tattoo treatment

13th laser tattoo treatment


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