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8th Treatment

These photos were taken last week, the day before my 9th treatment. I think I’ve finally turned a corner, the ink seems to have faded quite a bit this past month. No problems with itching this time. The nurse said it might be because so much of the ink has lifted. Let’s hope it’s smooth sailing from here on.

When I look back at the photos from last summer, before my first treatment, it’s hard to believe the tattoos were ever as dark as they were. They’ve really faded a lot over the past year. I’m happy with the progress.

I’m guessing I’ll need at least 4 more treatments, especially on the kanji tattoo. The fine lines of the celtic tattoo seem to be fading evenly. So much for tattoo-free ankles this summer. Ah well, patience is a virtue, right?

8th laser treatment celtic tattoo

8th treatment + 5 weeks

8th treatment + 5 weeks

8th treatment + 5 weeks


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