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Treatment #7

Progress: no treatment, 1st treatment, 7th treatment

The last few months have been crazy and pics from treatment #6 got lost in the shuffle between moving from my old place to my new place. I haven’t been seeing much progress lately anyway, it seems. Here are the latest pics taken about 5 weeks following treatment #7. The pics actually look a bit more washed out than the real-life versions, but they’re definitely getting lighter. I’m afraid the doctor’s original assessment of 10 treatments each just isn’t going to cut it. I’m estimating 13-14 sessions to get these the majority of the way off.

My kanji tattoo, which is on the outside of my right ankle, has been itching like a MOFO. I’ve tried hydrocortisone and a few other sample prescription creams that the clinic has given me, but nothing seems to help. When I went in for my 8th treatment 2 weeks ago, they prescribed me some steroids to stop the itching which I have yet to fill. The redness you see in the photo is a direct result of me itching. The itch is compounded by whatever article clothing I happen to be wearing rubbing against the healing scab. Insanity.

The celtic tattoo is coming along, slowly but surely. My next appointment is scheduled for the first week in May. I’ll update the blog again before then with pics from treament 8 + 5 weeks.

5 weeks following treatment #7

7th laser tattoo treatment + 5 weeks

5 weeks following treatment #7


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